To understand the whole I need to give this to you in parts. Please understand this was a process that happened to me over a period of twenty years. I had no outside influence to help me overcome legalistic religion but I did have to draw me further into it. What I will share with you is not scripted nor have I even researched anything really. What I will share is a journey that God lead me on over the last twenty years. I don’t even know how blogs are supposed to work so I may break all the rules. I have for over a year wanted to write down my experience in overcoming religion and walking in pure freedom with God. I pray those struggling with this issue can be lead here by the Spirit and maybe a sentence or two will propel them on a journey or encourage them to start a journey, or maybe what I write will allow them to be free from thinking they are the only ones dealing with this issue.

During the course of this blog I will make references to my parents, my church growing up, and the people that have influenced my life over the forty years I have lived. Understand I love and appreciate these people, and the opportunities that I had. I will also make it clear I would not change anything in my life’s experience either bad or good because I believe and know that each experience has built upon the other experience to make me the person I am today. The new experiences will build upon the old and eventually I will become more and more of the man, husband, father, and pastor that God is molding me to be.

If you love to read and have an open mind, let me begin ……..

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