Mission Statement



“So the servants went out into the streets and gathered all the people they could find, the bad as well as the good, and the wedding hall was filled with guests.”

Matthew 22:10 (NIV)


junior-classWhen you read the story of the wedding feast you will notice that the first set of people the man invited were too busy to come and celebrate. They made all sorts of excuses to why they couldn’t come. Many of the people of the church are the same way today. They have so much happening in their life they just don’t have time to really spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus. Church in the USA has become a place where only certain people are welcome. Golden Mountain Ministries wants to be more than just a church!

Many churches say they want anyone and everyone but that is only if they can meet the church’s standards! Churches want to win the lost, but then they want to change them to fit their printed list of rules. Churches try to force people to fit in a mold that the leaders have created after their revelation from the scripture. This method has resulted in many church buildings sitting empty because no one could meet all the requirements man had created. People were criticized and put down because they couldn’t measure up and the ministry eventually folded.

So how are we different at GMM than all the other churches you have visited? We truly want the ministry filled with the same type of people that we see came to the wedding banquet in Matthew 22:10 “…the bad as well as the good…”  We understand that it takes time for a person to truly be changed by the power of the Word of God. We have no teen-classstipulations to follow for you to come and be accepted in this church! We place no rules, regulations, or boundaries on anyone that wants to come. We have no printed list of steps for you to follow so you stay in good standing in this church. We believe and know that the continued hearing of God’s Word is what brings change to us all. We want you to come and see what More Than Just A Church is really all about!


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